When will the area be open for visitors?
We will open the festival site on Friday, July 21, 2023 at 1 pm.

When will it be possible to set up a tent in the area?
The same time as the opening of the area applies, i.e. on Friday from around 1 pm. The camp will be available until Sunday 24th July at noon. The area behind the swimming pool is reserved for free camping. Thank you for cleaning up your tent site when you leave.

Where can I park my car?
Please observe the parking restrictions! The access road to the site must remain passable for Integrated Rescue System vehicles for the entire duration of the festival! Also this year, a fenced parking lot
is available approx. 300 m in front of the entrance to the area, it will be visibly marked (Parking lot - swimming pool). Parking is also possible at the train station, approx. 7 minutes of walk from the area, and then in the area between the restaurant / Hotel Na Nové and the Fiavi store at the train station (behind the poster area).
Please respect the coordination instructions of the organizers. Thank you!!

Can I bring my dog or cat to the festival?
Please leave your pets at home, noise generally does not benefit them.

What can't I take with me to the festival?
It is strictly forbidden to bring any alcoholic beverages, glass objects, cans, flammables, weapons of any kind, own alcohol and illegal narcotic substances and other objects that threaten the safety and health of visitors
into the area. Food and drinks will be available for unbeatable prices (beer from 35 CZK, meals from 100 CZK, etc.)

Can I pay with a credit card on the spot?
Unfortunately not this year, please take cash. There are 3 ATMs available in the city.

Will disposable or returnable cups be used on site?
Returnable cups with a unique design will be available on site for a returnable deposit of CZK 50.

Can I swim in the pool?
Entry to the swimming pool is permitted only in appropriate clothing, i.e. in a swimsuit.
Do not enter the pool or the tower in the evening or at night! Swimming is at your own risk.

Can I go backstage and on stage?
Never enter the stage or backstage! We really mean it - respect the bands' privacy, no stage-diving (there is expensive equipment on stage!). Thank you for your understanding!

We wish you a good time. We would just like to ask you to keep it within the bounds of common sense and decent behaviour. Let ETEF be an oasis of freedom within the legal system of the Czech Republic - respect the legal norms, respect the other participants. We would like to remind you that participation in the festival is at your own risk, we are not liable for any damages. However, if we can help you with anything - do not hesitate to contact any of the organizers, we are here for you.

Aggressive behavior of any kind is not desirable and will be punished by
permanent expulsion from the festival area!



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