Another necessary change in the program occurred with Nocturnal, who will not arrive due to health issues.
They will be replaced by atmospheric black metal performed by Thormesis.


End of ticket pre-sale and complete line-up!

Ticket pre-sale ends on 7/14/2024. In the line-up section, you can find the complete list of bands for both days.
See you soon at ETEF 2024!


One enforced change! Impuritum replaced by MURMUR!

Although they have been active on the scene for a very short time, their members can boast of rich experience from previous bands. MURMUR = death metal.


This year's lineup of bands is closed by POTHEAD!

The first performance of the black face of the band POTHEAD will take place at our ETEF festival.


BLODHEMN... We're getting close to the finals.

Black Metal equals Norway, Bergen equals Norway,
BLODHEMN equals Black Metal horde from Bergen, Norway.


This rotten corpse is alive again...IMPURITUM!

Are you hearing about IMPURITUM for the first time? Just another ordinary death metal
from South Bohemia, you think? But you are wrong, not just any, but extremely successful!


RADIATION contaminates Volyně!

Nuclear deaththrash terror! RADIATION is another unique group at ETEF. This Slovakian rabble was
recruited from the band STONE LIVER in 2007. For example, they had a concert with the band Tankard.


STÍNY PLAMENŮ will perform a special set!

Black metal fighting machine STÍNY PLAMENŮ has been bringing stories of the House of Čistírenský
from underground to the world for 26 years. The most aggressive songs from the plentiful discography
will be heard at this show.


DORDEDUH - romainan cult band at ETEF!

BWith their sophomore full-length, "Har" (2021), Romania's DORDEDUH have created a rare and unique
metal record, pushes boundaries, and offers something new and previously unheard.


The frost from the Austrian Alps has the name HEIDNIR!

Austria is commonly associated with its beautiful lakes and mountains, but it is also known for great artists such as Mozart and metal legends PUNGENT STENCH, BELPHEGOR, etc.  Among the newer ones is HEIDNIR, who play very diverse and unprimitive black metal.



BOHEMYST, home band of the ETEF festival. Everything has already been written, the rest would be like
to carry coals to Newcastle...


A devilish seance with OKKULTIST!

One of the dark horses of ETEF 2024!
Portuguese blackened death metal band OKKULTIST, born in 2016.


DOLD VORDE ENS NAVN shrouds ETEF in darkness!

DOLD VORDE ENS NAVN arose from the murky foundations of the Norwegian black metal scene. Gathering
together members from such legendary acts as Ulver, Dødheimsgard, Satyricon and Ved Buens Ende!


Fresh metal blood DEADROOTS!

The last time we had adolescents in Volyne was Destroy! DEADROOTS, an age average slightly
over 16 years old, surpasses them.


MEMORIAM - successors of the legendary Bolt Thrower!!!

MEMORIAM is an old school Death Metal! The band was formed as a tribute to late Bolt Thrower
drummer Martin 'Kiddie' Kearns.


Third time lucky. Final edition of tickets!

You can buy tickets from the final edition for CZK 1 500 online, in cooperation with here!


Uncompromising ALTARS ABLAZE scorch all that is holy!

Death-black metal band ALTARS ABLAZE has reached the top of Czech extreme metal in its short career.
It is also logical, as the lineup consists of experienced artists from bands such as Heaving Earth,
Cult of Fire, Brutally Deceased and others..



Master & Paul Speckmann, this connection and these names probably do not need to be introduced at all.
Originally American, now more Czech band MASTER is along with Death one of the earliest bands
in the world labeled as death metal!


Waaarning, BOMBS!

The 1000bombs can be seen as a thrash & newly death metal commando. They just released a new album “Sentenced to War”. The bombing brightens the punk “Pilsner Thrashquell”. These are mega balls!


Slovak pagans RAMCHAT at ETEF again!

RAMCHAT, a Slovak black/pagan metal band, is currently celebrating its ten-year anniversary (2013).
After seven years, we will welcome them again in Volyně.


NOCTURNAL will bring the cutting thrash alive...

Unholy Thrash Metal! NOCTURNAL have been flying the flag of hatred since 2000.
Even their logo appears on the cover of the Darkthrone album "Dark Thrones and Black Flags"
from 2008 on the leather jacket of the drawn figure.


FLESHLESS. Get your cleavers ready, this is going to be meat!

Established in 1993, this outfit is inextricably linked with the Czech extreme metal scene and
is among the best and most brutal that Czech metal has to offer.


Swarm of black crows... KOLDBRANN!

Uncompromising, with their backs to the world and a fierce grin! KOLDBRANN has been at the
forefront of the Norwegian Black Metal underground since the band was formed in 2001.


That was a blast, the first edition is gone, the next is on sale!

You can buy tickets from the first edition for CZK 1 300 online, in cooperation with here!


The Wallachian storm REFORE brings the first edition of the pre-sale!

Czech thrash waters have been very strong and powerful lately. And they will also flow to ETEF.
Old school thrash metal force REFORE draws inspiration from both European as well as American
school of thrashing.

You can buy tickets from the first edition for CZK 1 100 online, in cooperation with here!


Band announcements for ETEF 2024 are just beginning... HATE!

No one combines death and black metal quite like HATE. We give the honor to open the gates of hell of our extreme metal festival roster to this Polish machine, at the same time in the role of one of the headliners.



ETEF 2024 seems to be far away, we all have time for everything, we are not doing anything yet...
Wrong, the opposite is true. We can't wait to introduce you the first bands, new online ticket buying via portal, to take the festival one step further together.
Similarly with the festival area, the improvements and modifications to an already great place are sure to be appreciated as well. Those who remember will recall OPEN HELL, which stopped in 2005 at its 8th edition.
Together with you and us, ETEF will surpass that number with "nine".


Your ETEF team



FRIDAY 19. 7. 2024

SATURDAY 20. 7. 2024












1000BOMBS (CZ)









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