Back to the ROOT...?

Is there anyone who wouldn't know this cult dark metal band? This beast with mighty frontman BigBoss
is a hot card not just in czech lands, but rather in the entire satanic world! More here.


The last few tickets for a great price!

Presale is growing strong again! We are so thankful! Tickets for people from abroad are still available too -  price is € 22 (this edition ends on May 31). You can order here. But please, think twice before purchase.
First, make sure you can really get to and from Czech Republic. This Covid shit makes everything tricky...
Shitty times!



Hi friends, we haven't let each other know for a long time, why? Well, because we didn't know how we would (not) continue ETEF 2020 under COVID-19. So as we see it to date:


  1. The situation may be confusing for a long time. Throughout April, we have been waiting for the right moment, when the situation will stabilize, clarify and it will be possible to issue a binding statement.
    This moment did not come all April. We are still waiting.
  2. We think ourselves of the whole coronavirus. We are glad that the blackest scenarios for the Czech Republic have not yet been fulfilled. Whether this danger was real, or whether it can still be, we cannot thoroughly evaluate with our layman's view. Anyway, to date, with today's information on the spread of the virus in the population, we take the whole "crisis" with a grain of salt..
  3. Quite possibly you have noticed a government press conference on a definitive ban on this year's major festivals season. We would like to point out that ETEF is not a multi-thousand festival, it has never been and does not have the ambition to become one. Thus, according to our reason and conscience, this measure does not concern us. We refuse to give up on the basis of the vague phrase “big festivals.” Until the hygienic requirements and attendance limits of summer cultural events are clearly and binding, do not expect a final opinion from us.
  4. We are in permanent contact with the bands, we are ready to postpone the festival in the same line-up to July 23 - 24, 2021, unless it goes otherwise.  But it's definitely too early for that! At the moment, the main option is still this year. Borders are slowly opening up, problems are being solved. ETEF 2020 in its announced form is still theoretically feasible. The past few weeks have proved us right that the "last" word of the government may not be the last. Minister of Culture Zaorálek himself claims: "We will of course talk about what will be possible in the summer. But none of us will tell you now, because it will be a matter of how the first step is evaluated", permitting cultural and sports events for up to 100 people...We think it could be hundreds in three months. What 's up to it? Nobody knows anything, nothing is certain. Let's wait. It's still some time. We have nothing to lose.
  5. Who cannot wait and needs to decide now, better not to count on ETEF 2020. Honestly, we don't dare to guess how it will turn out in the end. In any case, our word still holds true - subscribers can rely on our fair and individual approach. You do not risk anything, your money is safe on the festival account and fan satisfaction is an absolute priority for us. We are ready to respond immediately to your requests or suggestions - if you have anything on your mind, write to email: When the situation is clear, expect a an email with instructions from us..
  6. TICKET PRE-SALE IS STILL RUNNING. Tickets from the third edition are currently available for € 24, see the order form here. We perceive ticket orders at this time as a huge expression of support and trust, for which we thank you from the depth of our hearts.


Let's all have patience. Hope dies last. Thanks for your support.

ETEF crew


PS: Please share!


Do you find it crazy to continue planning our summer festival?

We understand this is a crazy time. But even if the situation may seem desperate, we are not yet giving up.


Swiss death blade NIHILO!

The wall of guitars, the wrecking bass, the killing drums, the murmur roar make sure it's a dense cut in a death metal coat. More here.


Finnish BLACK MASS PERVERTOR... Don't you know?

And from the land of "Thousands of Lakes," here's another blackmetal beast soaked in 80s or dirty punk, and especially brutally loud! More here.


The first two editions of tickets for this year's ETEF are sold out!

Thank you so much for supporting our / your festival. From now on you can order tickets
for the still nice € 24 at or here.


ANCIENT...norwegian black metal legend at ETEF 2020!!!

Bergen, one of the cradles of Norwegian and world-class black metal, is also the birthplace of one excellent band, another ETEF 2020 headliner. More here.


SUR AUSTRU from the deep woods of Transylvania...

Transylvania, Ardeal, Erdély, Siebenbürgen, Sedmihradsko, this designation means the same thing. A place tied to vampires legends is located in contemporary Romania. More here.


Mother of bizarre gods, MATER MONSTIFERA!

Candles of Life, Written in Blood, Born of Sin, On Mirrors of Lies, In the Ruins of Your World, … It's obvious from this lyric that this is going to be something darker. More here.


Double load in the form of Et MORIEMUR and F.O.B.!

Hi, metal maniacs. From past reactions, we may have pleased you. But we want to look forward further.
We are a Czech festival and so some “Czechs …, Czechs ...”. ETEF selects always quality, this time we will
hunt in our home waters.

We have a blockbuster here in the form of ET MORIEMUR, a rare feature on the doommetal field.
We dare to say not only on the Czech one. More here.

F.O.B., a band from nearby Tabor, town of Žižka's mace, which has undergone a major musical development over the course of twenty years which to a current genre that cannot be completely pigeonholed. More here.


Death has a name...CENTINEX!

The magical and powerful year of Rat 2020 is here. And death !! This one certainty of life, damned death is circling us again. More here.


PF 2020!

Thank you for your support for the present and a favor for the future. Save the coordinates of the Volyne swimming pool today. Let us spread the name of our festival together and meet in abundance. Maybe we'll sell it out this time. Can you help us? We look forward to seeing you soon in 2020. Enjoy it from the first minutes. Thank you.

Hail extreme metal fans!


WOW! This is Christmas present we trully appreciate...

First edition of tickets is sold out! Thank you so much for your support! Starting now, you can buy tickets of second wave for € 22. Thank you again and have a nice year 2020 to everyone! Order at or here.


From the eternal Gabreta comes PANYCHIDA...

Energic blackened pagan metal horde from the capital city of beer Pilsen, is perhaps even more well known beyond the borders of Czech meadows and groves. More here.


Yes, we won't give in!

The band, in which plays one half of the ETEF team, is writing the third year of its history next year. More here.



As we do every year, we're going to offer you a few price-graded editions so that you, our regulars and loyal fans, who won't consider long to buy tickets, can get them as cheap as possible. Just like last year (we don't raise pricing for 2020!) we're launching our first edition at mild price of € 20. Offer is valid until sold out - don't hesitate! Just easily order at or fill the form here.


The first confirmed band is an italian butchery SADIST!

Death, progression, hot Italian heads. Anyone who doesn't know this band (we believe there aren't many of you?) should fill in the gaps in his metal education :-))... More here.



Comming Soon...


Enter the Eternal Fire fest

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